EDICT will boost the attractiveness of cross-border Combined Transport in Europe

Improve data sharing with the terminals

EDICT will implement an electronic data exchange between terminals and the rail sector, including the definition of harmonized timestamps, adaptations of Terminal Operating Systems (TOS), and design of a common and standardized interface for terminals.

Development of a QMS
for Combined Transport

EDICT will develop a collaborative Quality Management System (cQMS) for European Combined Transport, scheduled regularly running (non-ad hoc) rail freight operations (Q-ELETA), including the development of a methodology to monitor milestones and time stamps of the production process, harmonize delay/irregularity codes, and to collaboratively improve CT performance, in particular punctuality.

Customer-oriented digital solutions 

EDICT will further enhance data exchange with new stakeholders, particularly end-customers such as shippers and freight forwarders, fostering the sharing of Estimated Time of Pick-up (ETP) information based on train ETA,  extension of the successful market solution CESAR for tracking and tracing, development of registers and reference files, and promotion and functional extension of existing applications such as KV 4.0, the data hub for Combined Transport.

Dissemination and promotion efforts 

EDICT will continuoulsy inform the CT community on the developments of the project thanks to the creation of a dedicated Advisory Board composed by highly-qualified key industry associations and CT stakeholders. Liaison will be ensured with the R-CDM initiative, ERA activities and RNE as digital enablers.

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