Ensuring interoperability of data exchange in railway

The Telematic Application for Freight


Telematic applications set the functional and technical standards for exchanging harmonised information between infrastructure managers, railway undertakings and other stakeholders such as Combined Transport Operartors and Terminals.

Commission Regulation (EU) No 1305/2014 regarding the technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematics applications for freight subsystem of the rail system in the European union last amended by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/541 was adopted on 26 March 2021 and published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 29 March 2021. Theconsolidated text of theTAF TSI is available here.

During tehe two last rounds of revision, the Combined Transport requirements were incorporated to facilitate the exchanges between the CT stakeholders in particular withe Combined Transport Operators and Terminal Managers.

Key Features for Combined Transport

This section points out the main features that have been added to support Combined Transport

Rotterdam Clause

Every stakeholder may exchange train-related messages with other stakeholders involved in the same freight service, under the condition that the stakeholders are identifiable (chapter 4.2).

Train departure

In case of Combined Transport, the Terminal Operator shall send a ‘train ready’ message to the Railway Undertaking every time a wagon set is ready to start (chapter

Train information

In the case of combined transport the Railway Undertaking shall ensure the  'Train Runnin Forecast' and the 'Train Running Interruption’ messages are provided to the Terminal Operator (chapters and