Combined Transport aligned with TAF TSI and market requirements

An initiative of the sector

The EDICT project is a co-funded initiative of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), aimed at improving data interoperability for Combined Transport (CT) stakeholders in Europe. The project is coordinated by UIRR, the industry association of CT, and comprises nine key stakeholders. With a budget of €3.1 million, the project is scheduled to run for 24 months from September 2022.

The EDICT project builds on the success of Digital Train 1.0 and 2.0, which supported rail interoperability and data exchange. It also leverages the work done within the ELETA project to initiate data exchange on train running and forecast information. The project aims to promote data exchange in compliance with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability for Telematic Applications for Freight (TAF TSI) among terminals, in line with Rail-Collective Decision-Making (CDM) requirements.

Key Aspects 

Terminal-related activities

  • Harmonisation of terminal timestamps and milestones
  • Adaptation of TOS and data exchanges through an innovative data hub 4.0 (DXI)
  • Integration of terminal data into RNE TIS application
  • Definition of minimum requirements into TAF TSI Regulation
  • Adaptations of the TAF TSI JSG Handbook

Improvement of the overall quality of regular CT trains

  • Establishment and harmonisation of reason codes for delays and cancellations
  • Definition of the basic requirements of a collaborative Quality Management System for Combined Transport (cQMS) based on the feasibility study performed in the Digital Train 2.0 project
  • Selection, development, test, validation and evaluation of the cQMS on various routes
  • Adaptations of the TAF TSI Regulation

Innovative solutions for the end-users

  • Facilitation of the access for CTOs to the RNE TIS application
  • Development of reference files for the sector with easy plugin solutions
  • Enhancement of tracking and tracing functionalities (e.g. CESAR application)
  • Enhancement of the European data hub KV4.0
  • Roll-out plan for EDIGES data exchange format
  • Provision of a catalogue of CT digital platforms