EDICT Project

Facilitate data interoperability among the Combined Transport community

co-funded under the European CEF programme

Latest News

Simply Deliver:  the SaaS provider for the cQMS

The evaluation team of EDICT has selected the Dutch-based company Simply Deliver (www.simplydeliver.com) to design and develop the collaborative Quality Management System.

The aim of this innovative tool is to monitor the overall performance of regular CT trains based on commonly agreed processes, timestamps and resaon/cancellation codes.

UIRR Reference files

UIRR will soon release an enhanced version of its ILU-Code portal (www.ilu-code.eu) and a totally new application for the management of codes.

Data Hub KV4.0

Some of the EDICT project partners have decided to join the KV4.0 community and have started to roll out the new version 4.1 of EDIGES.

About EDICT Project

Improving data interoperability & sharing in Combined Transport

The overall objective of the EDICT project is to remove interoperability barriers for TAF TSI-related CT messages by implementing data exchange with identifiable and eligible stakeholders within a door-to-door Combined Transport perspective.

The EDICT consortium will propose business oriented solutions for the integration of terminal managers in the rail sector data exchange, new monitoring schemes to improve

the quality, punctuality and transparency of the production processes of CT trains
in Europe, and new ways of exchanging data with CT stakeholders. 

EDICT: data sheet


EDICT stands for Enhanced Data Interoperability for Combined Transport stakeholders

Project period

The project started on the 1st September 2022 for a duration of 24 months

CEF programme

This project is co-funded under the call


The total budget of the action is €3.1 million
with co-financing of 50%

UIRR as coordinator

UIRR is the industry association representing the interests of
the Combined Transport sector

9 project partners

The consrotim consists of key Combined Transport Operators and terminal operators supported by two subcontractors

4 work packages

The action has been split in four pieces (terminals, quality, additional services and coordination)

Advisory Board

An external advisory board has been set up with key stakeholders and other industry associations

EDICT: working structure

The project focuses on boosting the attractiveness of international rail freight and is structured around  the following four major components:

Module 1

Data Sharing with Terminals

Module 2

QMS for all CT stakeholders

Module 3

Additional services for CT end-users

Module 4

Coordination and dissemination

Project Partners


TAF TSI Regulation

The Regulation on data exchanges in the railway system includes specific requirements for Combined Transport. 

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